New Sciatic Nerve Pain Discovery
Is Leaving Spine Surgeons Baffled:

How An Obscure Inflammatory Protein
Is Wreaking Havoc On Your Spine &
Sciatic Nerve And The Real Reason
Why Painkillers, Back Stretches,
& Even Surgery Can’t Stop It

Plus: The Simple “Herbal Remedy” Once Used By German Doctors To Fight Mushroom Poisoning That Is Helping Thousands of People Eliminate Sciatic Nerve Pain Fast…

The only option left is to fuse her spine.

The damage to her sciatic nerve is now uncontrollable.

If we don’t operate soon, she may never walk again.

My head was spinning.

How could this be happening?

Sciatic nerve pain had taken away my mother’s ability to walk.

It had stolen her freedom…

...and ripped away the last shred of
self-dignity she had.

Soon, her frail and fragile spine would be bolted together with metal plates and screws.

But what if it didn’t work?

What if it made things worse?

I’d already lost my dad.

A burly Army veteran who spent his life and career dedicated to defending our country.

Who after a failed back surgery, spent the last few remaining years of his life addicted to pain pills…

Unable to even go to the bathroom on his own.

Now it was my mom.

I couldn’t lose her too.

It all started after she’d been working out in her garden.

When she went to stand up…

Jolts of pain shot down both legs.

Followed by extreme numbness and tingling in her feet.

She thought a few days of rest would be enough.

But she was wrong.

The burning in her legs and feet raged on like an out of control wildfire…

Soon it gave way to bouts of stabbing pain and electrical-like shocks.

She described it as red hot pokers in both cheeks and molten lava dripping down the back of her legs.

  • She couldn’t sleep…
  • She couldn’t lay on her back…
  • She couldn’t sit.
  • And she couldn’t get comfortable.

It was pure TORTURE and she couldn’t take it anymore. we were...

Talking to a surgeon about cutting her open and fusing her spine.

A surgery that isn’t exactly known for its high success rate.

One study found that spinal fusion surgery has an abysmal 74% failure rate.1

But when you’re in that kind of pain…

You’re willing to do just about
anything to find relief.

Her own doctor, the chiropractor, the physical therapist…

Even the pain specialist who’d already jabbed her with several long needles kept telling me that she’d be ok.

But after the 3rd shot…

She was actually worse…

Plus it gave her a splitting headache.

Why didn’t they know what to do?

Why hadn't they known that her sciatica was THIS serious?

And why hadn’t they done more to help her avoid such a MAJOR surgery?

I was ready to wring someone’s neck.

For months I’d watched as my mom was consumed with pain.

Becoming overly dependent on painkillers.

She couldn’t go more than a few hours without needing her “fix.”

Her only escape was the brief moments where she’d doze off into a drug-induced coma…

Only to be jolted awake by the stabbing pain in her legs.

Even so...

We opted OUT of surgery.

And I’m so glad we did.

Because today, my mom is pain-free.

Thanks to an all natural solution that I’ll share with you in just a moment.

That’s the only reason I’m sharing this nightmare of a story with you today.

And what you’re about to discover, has been buried deep within the medical literature for decades.

Hidden from view.

It's a breakthrough that releases you from the agony of sciatic nerve pain…

The burning...throbbing...shooting pain...the disability and helplessness.

And yes, even the agony of unnecessary spinal surgery.

Hi, my name’s
Jamie Johnson

And I’ve become a thorn in the side of just about every spine surgeon and pharmaceutical company here in America...

For good reason.

I’ve exposed their barbaric procedures and expensive drugs for what they really are…

Useless and dangerous.

Sure, they may provide temporary relief by numbing your brain.

But they’re nothing more than a deadly and expensive band-aid.

Soon you can’t walk, sleep or sit…

You can’t even go to the bathroom on your own.

This quick and to-the-point presentation is stealing away their profits.

And they were hoping you’d never find it.

In fact, I’m fully expecting their fancy pants lawyers to send me a letter any day warning me to take this site down.

But I have no plans on doing so.

Surgeons, pain management doctors and drug companies have a monopoly on sciatic nerve pain.

To’s their bread and butter.

It’s what makes the mortgage payments on their mega-mansions, pays the dues to their country club and the leases on their luxury cars.

They’ll do everything in their power to cover up the fact that sciatic nerve pain is actually caused by an obscure protein, triggered by your immune system.

When this protein takes over it activates a sequence of sciatic nerve destroying events that interferes with your body’s natural ability to heal.

Stealing your joy.

And if you’re suffering from sciatic nerve pain right now…

I can’t tell you how important it is for you to take action immediately and not to wait until a full-blown sciatic nerve crisis takes you down.

Or you’re faced with the consequences of an emergency back surgery, a long sharp needle being forced into your spine, a drug overdose, or worse…

That’s why I
wrote this letter.

After first losing my dad and then seeing my mom go through hell.

I knew I had to share everything I’ve learned about this rogue protein and how to stop it.

Before it leaves you helpless and vulnerable as it did her.

Unable to move, walk or simply take care of yourself.

And what makes it all that more strange…

Is the fact that this natural solution you’re about to discover…

Was first used in 1959 by German scientists to treat
mushroom poisoning.

Yet today, it’s used by thousands of women and men all
across America to alleviate sciatic nerve pain fast.

And just to be clear…

It has nothing at all to do with dangerous and addictive drugs.

Sharp needles or painful surgery.

Instead, you can now experience quick and lasting relief from the burning, stabbing sciatic nerve pain that has been gnawing at you and destroying your life…

…without risking your health.

Relief that allows you to spend more quality time with those you love…untethered by pain.

A newfound ability to get more done both at work and at home.

Deeper, more relaxing sleep…

…and a renewed sense of peace.


You’ll actually be healing your sciatic nerve and preventing future flare-ups instead of simply numbing the pain temporarily as so many other treatments do.

What I’ve discovered doesn’t come with side effects.

It doesn’t turn you into a drooling zombie…

…or leave you in a permanent state of disabling pain.

Plus, it’s been proven to work in studies published in some of the most prestigious and respected medical journals in the world.


Neurology, Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome,
Pain Research Forum and The New England Journal of Medicine.

So you can stop taking those frequent trips to the chiropractor, refilling your pain prescriptions every two weeks, or subjecting yourself to more spinal injections.

Stop wasting your time and money, trying treatment after treatment, and procedure after mind-numbing procedure.

None of which corrects the root cause of your sciatic nerve pain.

To date, over 17,378 men and women have used this science-based remedy with miraculous results.

And if you’re finally ready to leave sciatic nerve pain behind for good…

I invite you to join them…

  • Are you ready to save yourself from a life of misery due to burning, stabbing, sharp, and shooting pain…
  • …or sleeping in your recliner?
  • Are you ready to finally start feeling happy again and fully engaged with your family and friends?

If so, listen to every word in this presentation so I can share with you exactly how you too can fight against the debilitating inflammatory protein hell-bent on stealing your freedom by attacking your sciatic nerve…

While protecting yourself long-term from its disastrous effects.

You’ll no longer have to suffer through those sharp shooting pains, the dagger-like jabs in your lower back and hips, or the muscle cramps in the back of your legs and calves.

Instead, you'll experience REAL and lasting comfort for perhaps for the first time in weeks, months, or maybe even years.

Plus, near the end of this story, I’ll show you exactly how we saved my mom from surgery and how this discovery can help you find quick and lasting relief too.

  • Freeing yourself from nerve pain prison.
  • Unlocking the chains of sciatica.
  • Reclaiming your life and your freedom.
  • Allowing you to once again enjoy time with friends and family.
  • Play golf, go for walks, rough house with your kids or grandkids.
  • And so much more.

It’s all possible and it’s all right here right now.

This breakthrough targets the real cause of sciatic nerve pain.

And eliminates the sharp and shooting pain, the burning, the stabbing, the numbness, and the tingling that’s keeping you up at night and refusing to let you get the rest you need.

Just like it did for…


Mary A,
who says…

“Sciatica was ruining my life. I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything. I was at my wit's end when I discovered your solution. Now, thanks to you I am completely pain-free.”


Terry R.
who had this to say…

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to be rid of this God awful pain. I honestly thought my life was over. Now, I’m back to doing everything I love, and that includes playing golf.”


And Mitch M,
who says…

“I was inches away from having a 2nd back surgery. Now, thanks to you I don’t have to.”

Once again, my name is Jamie Johnson.

I live just outside of Tampa, Florida with my wife and
8 year old son.

When I was younger I wanted to be a doctor, so I studied Pre-Med and earned a degree in biochemistry.

Later, I changed my mind and decided I wanted to go into research.

But somewhere along the way, I was offered a high-paying job as a medical recruiter, and let’s just say it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

I guess my science background and outgoing social skills were the perfect combination…

Because now, for the past 7 years, I’ve worked as the head medical recruiter for a large national hospital group.

My job is to find and recruit talented doctors from all around the country.

And over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some really great ones.

Men and women who really care about their patients and are experts in their field.

Unfortunately, I’ve also witnessed firsthand the greed and profit-driven programs permeating many of our nation's hospitals, surgery centers, and medical institutions…

It’s beyond disturbing and completely corrupt.

Growing up my dad was an officer in the Army and I was raised to respect authority and do what I was told.

My mom stayed at home with me and my little sister and probably had the biggest influence on my outlook on life.

She was a little more the “question authority” type, which is amazing that she and my dad ever got along, but they did right up until the day he passed.

That’s why, when sciatic nerve pain destroyed her life I was terrified for her.

At first, I felt deep sadness that she had to go through all that pain.

The visions of my poor dad were still fresh in my mind.

But, after talking to a couple of doctors I knew, I was sure it would go away.

That was before her sciatic pain nearly drove her to the brink of suicide.

I really hate talking about it, but if doing so can help just one person avoid what she went through then it’s well worth it.

You see after my dad passed away I moved to Tampa to be closer to my mom.

I was only 20 minutes away but work kept me extremely busy.

Even so, I called her every day.

About a year ago, I was scheduled to fly to San Francisco to meet with a new doctor we were recruiting, but before I left for the airport I wanted to check in on my mom.

Boy am I glad I did.

Because, after calling her 3 times with no answer, I decided to stop by her house on my way to the airport.

That’s when I found her.

Laying on the ground in the backyard, helpless and unable to move.

Calling for help, like you see in those TV commercials.

She was in terrible pain and couldn’t stand by herself.

I helped her inside and offered to take her to the hospital, but she kept insisting that she was fine.

Looking back, I should have taken her in right then and there.

But I had a flight to catch and she promised me that she was ok.

Instead I called her neighbor who agreed to check on her while I was away.

I checked on her several times each day….

And each time she assured me that she was fine.

But that was a lie.

Because, when I returned it was clear to me that things were far from “fine”.

My mom's leg pain worsened.

So much so that her doctor had prescribed some heavy duty pain killers.

And by the time I got home, she was gobbling them up like candy.

Never going more than a few hours between doses.

And while the pain medications did make her drowsy, she wasn’t really sleeping at all.

Then one night, while I was visiting she looked at me
with tears in her eyes and said:

“Your poor father, now I understand why he was ready to go, he just wanted the pain to end. Maybe God is trying to tell me that it's my time to go too.”

That was the final straw.

I had to get her some help.

So, the next day I took her to a specialist.

Unfortunately, he didn’t tell me anything
I didn’t already know.

We discussed her options.

Pain medications, physical therapy, spinal injections, and of course surgery.

He ordered an MRI and sent us home with a few more potent and highly addictive pain medications.

But what could I do?

At that point, I just wanted to see my mom out of pain.

So against my better judgment I stopped at the drug store and filled her prescriptions.

She was taking a handful of pills every few hours, and while they did seem to take the edge off.

She seemed “out of it” most of the time.

Slurring her words, dozing off every few minutes, and NOT eating.

I hired a nurse to stay with her around the clock and spent more and more time at her house.

It made me sick to my stomach to watch my beloved mother wither away.

Her now frail body reminded me of my poor dad, right before he passed.

The medications were giving her headaches, making her dizzy and constipated.

All while her pain kept getting worse.

Soon, she was on enough hardcore drugs to knock out a horse.

She was also in tears most of the time.

Between the sciatic nerve pain and all of the side effects from her medications, things were looking bleak.

She was losing her will to live.

I couldn’t believe that this was the best our medical system could offer.

And that wasn’t even the worst of it.

As you probably know, pain medications are extremely addictive.

But that’s all doctors seem to know how to do…

So much so that here in America
we spend over 17.8 billion dollars on
these drugs every year.

And as the number of prescriptions rises…

So do the number of lives ruined by them.

Plus, when it comes to nerve pain, especially sciatica.

Painkillers offer very little in terms of real relief.

The research is very clear on that.

For example, just recently a team of Australian scientists looked at 35 different studies on the use of pain medications.

Their conclusion?

The top three medications, the ones most widely used by physicians for the treatment of pain, aren't any better than placebo.

Put simply…

These drugs are no better than doing nothing at all.

A separate study found that opioid drugs lead to chronic inflammation and over time actually increase your sensitivity to pain.

It’s a condition called opioid-induced hyperalgesia and it happens when pain-sensitive nerves are exposed to opioids.3

What this means is that the longer you take these worthless drugs not only do they not help your pain…

But they can actually make it worse.

So why aren’t more doctors aware of this?

It’s like they’re robots with prescription pads.

When I think back on all the meds my mom was taking.

It makes my blood boil.

Sadly, it didn’t take long for me to realize that she’d become addicted to them.

And if you’ve ever seen someone addicted to pain medication you know how devastating it can be.

My mom’s own doctor began treating her like a druggie.

Like she was some junkie looking for a hit.

Blaming her for her addiction and threatening to cut her off.

The addiction that HE created!

Then there was that MRI.

As I mentioned earlier, the specialist ordered an MRI.

It took a few weeks to get it done and when we did, it showed that my mom had a few bulging discs in her lower back and LOTS of arthritis.

Of course, the doctor immediately attributed all of her pain to those discs and something called spinal stenosis or a narrowing of the spinal canal.

Blindly, I accepted his diagnosis and his recommendation for spinal injections.

Looking back, I just wanted to know WHAT was causing all of my mom's pain.

And it felt better to have an ACTUAL diagnosis.

It gave us an enemy to go after, something to hang our hat on…

And hopefully a solution too.

Little did I know that her discs and so-called spinal stenosis had nothing to do with her pain at all.

That’s because even though MRIs are amazing and have no doubt saved countless lives by detecting things like tumors and other deadly health issues…

…when it comes to things like nerve pain and sciatica.

They can actually lead to unnecessary treatments.

For example, in one study published by the North American Spine Society researchers found that close to 90% of people 60 and older have bulging discs and disc degeneration…

But NO pain.

And that doesn’t just happen in older people either.

Studies show that over 50% of people in their 30’s have some sort of disc degeneration in their spine.

But NO pain.

Strange right?

And just to put things into perspective…

68% of your average 40-year-olds have some sort of disc degeneration but no pain.

That number jumps to 80% of people over 50 and as high as 93% of people over 70.

Think about it…

Anyone suffering from sciatica who goes in for an MRI is VERY likely to be diagnosed with a disc problem…

Which means they’re very likely to be referred for injections or surgery.

When the reality is that degenerative changes to the spine are as common as wrinkles for anyone over 40.

When I think of all of the doctors out there who use MRIs as the end all be all when it comes to things like back and leg pain it makes me cringe.

I shudder to think of all the worthless surgeries performed each year.

Conservatively it’s estimated that close to 50% of all surgeries fail.

Yet, MRI’s are still considered to be the “Gold Standard”.

Then there are those who have terrible pain.

However, when the MRI comes back…

It’s normal.

These are the people who are said to be “faking it” or told that the pain is all in their heads…

Neither of which is true.

Bottom line bulging and degenerative discs are NOT the problem in
90% of sciatica cases.

Now my mom had a positive MRI.

But I knew in my gut that it was a dead end.

There had to be a better way.

Something that actually worked and didn’t put her life at risk.

But these doctors were all working from the same playbook.

They had nothing new to offer.

It was like they were following an instruction manual.

A paint-by-numbers for sciatica.

If none of it works, sorry…here’s more drugs.

It’s outrageous and far too common.

Right now, millions of people are suffering from sciatic nerve pain.

They can’t sit, stand, or walk without pain.

They can’t work, they can’t care for their families and they’re slowly becoming addicted to prescription drugs.

It rips families apart, destroys your ability to make a living…

…and it always gets worse.

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize the slippery slope they’re on until it’s too late.

And I wasn’t about to let that happen to my mom.

So I spent every spare moment I could talking to doctors about my mom's sciatica pain, I canvassed the medical libraries and read every journal article I could get my hands on.

I had to figure this out and I had to figure it out fast.

The clock was ticking.

And I was growing more and more frustrated by the day.

Every doctor I spoke with and every journal article I read all talked about the same things.

The things we’d already tried.

Chiropractic, physical therapy, medications, and injections.

The only thing left was surgery.

And if my Dad’s experience was any indication…

It would probably only make my mom worse and it may even kill her.

So I kept asking the questions…

Why are these the ONLY treatments out there…

..and what is it that causes sciatica in the first place?

Not one could give me a solid answer.

But there was one word I kept hearing over and over again.


So I decided to dive in and put my background in biochemistry to good use.

I read everything I could get my hands on about inflammation.

What triggers it, how it works and why it causes so much sciatic nerve pain.

In fact, what I learned explained exactly why none of the other treatments worked and for those that did…why they didn’t last.

My first breakthrough came when I came across a paper published in the Pain Research Forum in May of 2020.

It was reporting on research from scientists at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

It stated that an obscure protein had emerged as a key control point in peripheral nerve pain.

What researchers discovered is that a certain type of immune cell associated with inflammation called a fibroblast releases a protein called peptidase inhibitor 16 or PI16 for short.

This PI16 protein then draws in other immune cells known as
monocytes and macrophages.

Which then drives inflammation
through what’s known as a
cytokine storm.

Cytokines are the immune cells responsible for that raw, tender, burning sensation associated with sciatica.

These same cells make your nerves super swollen and super sensitive.

When I first read this, I thought it had to be some sort of mistake.

Because every doctor I talked to said they were treating the inflammation.

But nothing worked.

Including anti-inflammatory medications and steroid shots.

I had to figure this out.

So I read over 114 studies, 25 chapters in 12 different medical textbooks on physiology and anatomy.

Sent emails to every doctor I knew who had any sort of background in neurology and immunology.

And while I still wasn’t clear on how exactly this information could help my mom.

I felt deep in my gut that the answer was hiding in there somewhere.

I just couldn’t connect the dots.

I was inches from giving up and resigning myself to the fact that my mom’s only chance of relief was surgery.

When a miracle happened…

I ran into an old friend of mine at Starbucks.

I'll call him David to protect his identity.

You’ll understand why in just a moment.

David was an old friend of mine from college.

We were both in the biochemistry program and David went on to start a large neurological testing company here in Phoenix.

His company performs nerve testing services for some of the largest hospitals and clinics in Arizona.

And chances are if you’re suffering from sciatic nerve pain, you’ve probably had one of these nerve tests done.

It’s where they shock your nerves and measure their response and then stick needles in your muscles.

Not pleasant by any means, but helpful in diagnosing nerve problems.

Anyway, as David and I were catching up…

He mentioned something that piqued my interest.

You see, his company does what’s called intraoperative monitoring, which is when they monitor the nerves during the actual surgery.

It’s kind of like a heart monitor but for your nerves.

David was one of the few people I knew who had actually seen the sciatic nerve…

I mean like…really see it.

And he knew more about how nerves work than just about anyone I could think of.

He was in a hurry, but I managed to briefly tell him about my mom.

I told him all of the different treatments we’d tried, the shots, the medications and of course the fact that she was now on the verge of having MAJOR back surgery.

I also explained how I’d been doing research…

And how I’d come across the studies on inflammation and PI16.

I told him that based on what I’d read, it seemed to me that it could be the real cause of her sciatic nerve pain.

But I just didn’t know how to fix it.

David smiled and said,

“Jaime, you’re definitely on to something, I have to run, but call me this afternoon and we’ll talk.”

So later that day, I called David and we set up a time to meet.

We met at that very same Starbucks just a few days later.

And when I got there, I didn’t waste any time.

I pulled out a big notebook that I’d been compiling and showed David the research I’d found on PI16.

Once I finished showing him everything.

He paused, and took a sip of his coffee…

“Jaime, he said.

…you’re right about PI16. It IS one of the primary culprits, but it’s just one of them.”

For the next two hours, David went on to explain something that blew my mind.

He said that while it’s true that PI16 makes your nerves more sensitive and amplifies the pain…

It’s only part of the puzzle.

He then referred to
something he called

The Nerve Pain Triad.

A series of biochemical reactions consisting of three distinct phases.

Starting with inflammation, then reactive muscle tension and finally fibrosis.

The problem, as he explained it, is that it’s a perpetual cycle.

Once you go through it.

Unless you break the cycle, it simply repeats.

That’s why so many people suffer from chronic back and sciatic pain.

However, if you can stop the cycle…

You can stop nerve pain dead in its tracks.

Ease and relax muscle tension.

And melt away fibrosis like an ice cube on a hot summer's day.

In other words…

You Can Eliminate
Sciatic Nerve Pain for Good.

And it doesn’t matter how bad or irritated your sciatic nerve is.

What other treatments you’ve already tried…

... or how long you’ve been living with it.

Stop the Nerve Pain Triad from repeating and YOU get your life back.

And according to David I was right on track.

As it turns out the PI16 Protein IS part of the
Nerve Pain Triad

The Problem Is That
PI16 Doesn’t Work Alone.

It’s merely part of an entourage of biochemical accomplices.

Chemicals you’ve probably heard of like COX-2 and 5-LOX.

This agonizing onslaught fans the flames of inflammation, fires up and irritates your sciatic nerve.

But it doesn’t stop there.

You see, sciatic nerve pain evolves over time.

Inflammation is just the beginning.

With each flare up your body then tries to heal itself.

And it does that through
phase 2 and 3 of the Nerve Pain Triad.

Have you ever noticed how tight and tender your
muscles can get when your sciatic nerve
is irritated?

Muscles in your back, hips, legs and calves get all knotted up.

Well, the second phase of the Nerve Pain Triad is muscle tension.

And unfortunately, muscle tension soon becomes a
BIG part of the problem.

You see, reactive muscle tension involves a wide range of muscles in the lower back and hips.

And one muscle in particular that can cause MAJOR problems with the sciatic nerve is the “Piriformis Muscle…”.

In some cases the sciatic nerve passes right through the muscle.

David mentioned that during many of the surgeries where he was monitoring nerve function they were able to isolate the sciatic nerve irritation directly to the piriformis muscle.

Even so, in every case the surgeon proceeded with the spinal surgery removing a disc, fusing the spine or whatever else they were doing without even thinking twice.

But That’s Not The Only Muscle
Involved According To David.

Other muscles like the Superior Gemellus Muscle, the Obturator Internus Muscle and the Inferior Gemellus Muscle can also cause problems.

That’s because all of these muscles come into direct contact with the sciatic nerve at some point and can irritate and even compress it when they’re in spasm.

And just like chronic inflammation…

The longer muscle tension lasts, the more likely it can do long term damage to the sciatic nerve.

The knots and trigger points can also cause all sorts of pain.

You know the ones…

Deep pressure on them hurts...but it’s like a “hurts so good” kind of pain.

Those tender trigger points are basically localized muscle spasms...and, when muscles are constantly under tension they can cut off blood supply to the area AND strangle the sciatic nerve.

That’s why back surgery rarely fixes the problem.

Which brings me to phase 3 of the Nerve Pain Triad…


Now Fibrosis is just a fancy word for scar tissue.

And if you think about it…

It makes sense that your body would try to create scar tissue during the healing process.

You can think of it as an internal scab.

And while it can be useful in some cases…

Scar tissue caused by chronic inflammation often causes more problems than it solves.

Especially when it comes to the sciatic nerve.

And just like muscle tension can compress and irritate your sciatic nerve…

Fibrosis can trap the sciatic nerve in a web of scar tissue.

Causing a flare up at any time.

Everything from picking up your grandchildren, bending over in the garden or playing golf can trigger severe sciatic nerve pain.

And until you address all three phases of the Nerve Pain Triad.

Sciatic Nerve Pain
Will Be A Part Of Your Life.

Everything David told me made perfect sense.

And as our meeting came to an end…

I felt both excited and frustrated.

Excited because I NOW knew the real cause of my mom's sciatic nerve pain.

The Nerve Pain Triad.

And frustrated because I still didn’t know how to fix it.

So I asked David…

What can we do about it?

That’s when looked at me with a smirk and replied.

“A lot more than you think…

…but you’ll have to buy me another cup of coffee.”

Let’s meet here again next week, in the meantime here’s a little homework for you.

Look up all the chemicals associated with inflammation.

I’ve already given you two of them: COX-2, 5-LOX.

Find a few more and then tell me what they all have in common next time we meet.

For the next week I reviewed all of my notes.

I spent every waking moment looking deeper into every chemical, every enzyme and every molecule associated with inflammation…

… and a way to link them all together.

We got together the following week.

And when I arrived at Starbucks, David was already waiting.

As I sat down he looked at me and smiled…

“So what did you find?”

Opening up my notebook I rattled off the names PGE-2, TNF-Alpha, iNOS, RNS, and NF-kB and of course the two you already gave me.

But honestly, it seemed to me like there were thousands of others, I said.

These seemed to be the most important.

David laughed and said,

“you’re right, there’s a bunch of them.”

But What Do They Have In Common?

That I couldn’t figure out, I admitted.

So David let me off the hook.

“They all have ties to fibroblasts.”

Much in the same way PI16 does.

Every inflammatory chemical can ultimately be traced back to fibroblasts.

“So if we block fibroblasts, we can stop the inflammation”, I asked?

Well, that’s one way to do it.

But why don’t we block them all, David replied.

When he said that, I almost fell out of my chair.

That would be amazing!

But is it even possible?

David nodded and assured me that while the mission wasn’t exactly for the faint of heart it was in theory relatively easy.

Then he shared with me something that he’d been working on.

You see, what David didn’t tell me is that he’d already done a lot of the research.

He’d Been Working
Non-stop & Had Found Some
Really Interesting Things

To begin with…

David uncovered several unique compounds that contained a nerve healing secret that has been hidden for years.

This unique and powerful combination of
inflammation-blocking nutrients could very well become
the biggest sciatica nerve pain breakthrough in decades.

David explained that this wasn’t just an incredible find for people suffering from sciatica…

But this combination of nutrients could in fact be used
for all sorts of aches and pains including back and neck pain
and joint pain too.

The nutrients that make up this formula deliver powerful, all-natural pain relief in a safe and effective way in every phase of the Nerve Pain Triad.

Not only that, but it blocks all of the pain triggering chemicals of inflammation in every single pain pathway.

the COX-2 enzyme.

COX-2 is behind the majority of the painful conditions we experience including sciatica.

It’s a major driver of the cytokine storm.

This is the same pain pathway that most of the pharmaceutical companies target with over-the-counter NSAIDs like ibuprofen.

And some of the failed prescription solutions including VIOXX that was pulled off the market due to safety concerns.

The only issue is that these types of drugs also target what’s known as the COX-1 enzyme too.

And COX-1 is used to protect your stomach lining, which is why so many people get ulcers and gastric bleeding with their use.

In contrast, the natural ingredients found in the sciatic nerve pain solution I'm about to share with you do an amazing job at shutting down the COX-2 enzyme WITHOUT any of those nasty side effects.

But David Was Just
Getting Started

His ingredient list was also effective at shutting down six additional pain pathways.

You see, because of his background in neurophysiology or the study of nerve function…

David knew exactly how nerves were affected by inflammation.

He knew that COX-1 and COX-2 were just the tip of the iceberg and that other chemicals were also in play.

That’s why even when people do take COX-2 inhibitors they’re still in pain.

Truth is, these additional pain pathways are associated with a wide range of painful conditions all throughout your body.

It’s Why

  • Your Back

  • Your Muscles

  • Your Joints
    Become Stiff

David had figured out a brilliant way to shut them down too.

Including The PGE-2
Pain Pathway

This pain pathway, also referred to as the prostaglandin E2 pathway…

Is activated by COX-2 and comes into play when joints become inflamed.

And what’s interesting is that this pain pathway is what’s responsible for a lot of the back pain people with sciatic nerve pain experience.

It’s particularly destructive because it also destroys joint cartilage and connective tissue.

But David figured it out.

And what he discovered shuts down both PGE-2 and COX-2.

The Next
Pain Pathway Is
Associated with

Some researchers suggest that this chemical mediator is even more inflammatory than COX-2.

Plus, along with fibroblasts LOX-2 plays a significant role in the creation of fibrosis and scar tissue.

But most natural remedies out there are completely ineffective against LOX-5, but once again David found a way around it.

The Next Pain Pathway
Is Triggered By Something Called
TNF-Alpha or
Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha.

This chemical mediator like LOX-5 also plays a big role in the fibrosis part of the nerve pain triad.

It causes inflammation in both bone tissue and connective tissue and is thought to be behind symptoms like chronic back pain.

The Next Pain Pathway Is Mediated By Something Known As iNOS or Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase.

This particular enzyme also works with fibroblasts to create
adhesions and scar tissue.

The Next Pain Pathway Is Activated By Something Called RNS or Reactive Nitrogen Species.

These mediators can cause significant tissue damage and according to new research may also inhibit healing.

Finally, The Seventh Pain Pathway Is Triggered By Something Called
NF Kappa B or

NF-kB is a chemical mediator that has been specifically targeted in the relief of sciatic nerve pain and lower back pain.

And David’s research led to the discovery of a variety of natural compounds that can block all 7 of these key pain pathways and all 3 phases of the nerve pain triad.

It Was Incredible

So let me share with you the ingredients David found and explain to you exactly how they work.

Starting with something called Alpha Lipoic Acid or ALA.

ALA is an antioxidant found in the body that helps with energy production and nerve function.

In one scientific review, researchers looked at 11 papers on ALA’s effectiveness and concluded that it led to a significant decrease in inflammation.

In a separate study, researchers looked at 100 patients with “neuropathic pain” and found that ALA led to a significant reduction in the use of painkillers (by 58% or more) and an improved sleep quality (in 66% of patients).

What’s really interesting about ALA is that it was first used in Germany back in the 1950’s to help with mushroom poisoning.

ALA is also one of the few substances that crosses your blood/brain barrier to help heal your nerves faster.

And if you’ve ever suffered from the stabbing and burning pain associated with sciatica ALA might just become your best friend.

That’s because in a study of 181 patients suffering from stabbing and burning nerve pain who were given ALA…

52% reported a significant reduction in symptoms.

ALA also has the ability to desensitize fibroblasts.5

And that’s just one ingredient.

When combined with the rest of the powerful ingredients ALA will soothe your throbbing sciatic nerve and relieve the sharp stabbing pain you’ve been living with.

And it does it through its ability to not only desensitize fibroblasts but also to inhibit COX-2 and iNOS Expression, reduce PGE2 and inhibit NF-κB.

Which makes it the ideal first ingredient in the formula.

But as you know, there are more pain pathways to deal with.

Which brings me to the next ingredient Acetyl L-Carnitine…

Which has the ability to help control inflammation by reduction of major inflammatory cytokines.

In one study published in the International Journal of Advances in Medicine researchers found that 12 weeks of Acetyl L-Carnitine supplementation significantly reduced several markers of chronic inflammation.6

A separate study showed Acetyl L-Carnitine helps with nerve pain, leading to a significant reduction in the need of painkillers by 71%.

Another major component in this formula is Passion Flower.

In one study, Brazilian researchers found that Passion Flower significantly reduces inflammation due to its ability to inhibit a wide range of proinflammatory cytokines including leukocyte, neutrophils and TNFalpha.7

And not only does it help relieve nerve pain through anti-inflammatory benefits but it helps with anxiety and stress too.

Two things that I’m sure anyone with sciatic nerve pain can relate to.

Plus it relaxes your muscles, which means it works on both phase1 and phase 2 of the nerve pain triad.

The next ingredient is one that has been used to combat inflammation for centuries.

I’m talking about Curcuma Longa Root, the active ingredient in Turmeric.

In one study published in the journal Nature researchers found that Curcuma Longa was excellent in reducing inflammation through its inhibition of several inflammatory pathways including NF-κB and COX-2.8

In one clinical study of 88 subjects researchers found that when compared with other painkillers, Curcuma showed “excellent pain relief.

While another double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled study looked at 50 people recovering from surgery and found that after just 3 weeks “all of the patients on curcumin were pain free.”

Together these first 4 ingredients powerfully attack phase one of the nerve pain triad, eliminating inflammation by targeting multiple inflammatory pathways.

The Next Four Ingredients
In The Formula…

  • Magnesium

  • Chinese

  • Avena

  • Cinnamomum Cassia Extract

  • Magnesium has been shown to reduce inflammation, promote sciatic nerve regeneration while reducing muscle spasms.
  • While Chinese Skullcap has an “antispasmodic” effect on muscles and soothes anxiety.
  • Avena Sativa calms the nervous system while improving blood flow. This combination works wonders on tight and tense muscles.
  • And Cinnamomum Cassia Extract while commonly known for its ability to help lower blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity…

    Has also been shown to combat inflammation, eliminate muscle spasm and reduce pain.

Together the 4 ingredients support a further reduction in inflammation while addressing the muscular component of the Nerve Pain Triad.

However, relief wouldn’t be complete and the cycle wouldn’t be broken without addressing phase three..

And when it comes to reducing fibrosis B-Complex is among the best.

B-Complex has a powerful “synergistic effect” because it combines all of the B-Vitamins you need to support healthy nerve function, while reducing pain and inflammation…

Not only that, but B-Vitamins play a huge role in healing and help to reorganize scar tissue.9

B-Vitamin Complex can also help promote nerve repair while improving nerve function & further decreasing inflammation…

L-Arginine has been shown to enhance tissue healing.10

And Vitamins C, D and E help to decrease scar tissue formation.11 12 13

Together, These Ingredients Target All Three Phases Of The Nerve Pain Triad

I was in complete awe over everything David was sharing with me.

It almost sounded too good to be true.

In fact, I felt myself resisting the idea that it could actually work.

But then David handed me all the research and all of his notes and the evidence was overwhelming.

Then David said something that I’ll never forget.

“Jaime, I know these nutrients will work for your mom, and more importantly they’re safe.”

That was a relief.

The last thing my mom needed was another side effect.

David agreed to work with me to consolidate these extract ingredients into the clinically effective doses we needed and to help me create the most pure and bioavailable formula into a single capsule.

Given the fact that my mother was facing back surgery…

We knew this was most likely her last chance at relief…

There Was No Room For Error

David and I ruthlessly combed over the ingredients one by one, double and triple-checking the dosage, and cross-referencing that with the studies to make sure we were using the proven amounts of each.

Finally, we were confident that we’d put together the ultimate formula and I couldn’t get it to my mom fast enough.

I remember the day I took it to her.

She was in so much pain, she was sitting in her lounge chair trying to get comfortable. I ran to the kitchen, grabbed a glass of water and then handed her two pills.

I also gave the pills along with written instructions to her nurse and now all we could do was wait.

For the next few days, I anxiously called my mom several times per day to check on her progress.

I don’t think I slept at all.

I was so nervous, all I could do was pray and hope for the best.

5 days later and there still wasn’t much of a change.

I was sick to my stomach.

Maybe we miscalculated the dosage or maybe our theory was just wrong…

What if it didn’t work?

Then finally, my fear turned to bliss when I stopped by my mom's house on my way to work one morning…

Only to find her standing in the kitchen, making breakfast!

I couldn’t believe it.

After 12 Days It Was No Longer
Wishful Thinking

My mom was 100% pain-free out in the garden, pulling weeds and acting as if none of this ever happened.

She hadn’t touched a pain pill in days and for the first time in a long time…

Her eyes looked bright and clear.

I watched as she stood up and walked towards me.

She moved gracefully, smoothly and youthfully.

When I took her in to see the doctor he was speechless.

He couldn’t believe he was looking at the same woman.

He examined her and there wasn’t a tender spot anywhere on her body, not in her back, her hips, or even her legs…nothing.

Her nerves were all functioning properly again, her reflexes were back, her strength and range of motion were perfect.

She was back to normal and for the first time in close to a year, she was sleeping through the night.

I thanked God for having David for David's help and for all the hard work he’d put in helping me create this formula.

I was beside myself. I couldn’t believe we’d done it.

My mom was free…

Free From Pain, Free From Drugs, And Free To Live Her Life To The Fullest

She was full of energy and ready to get back to doing all the things she loved.

She was now coming over to my house to visit…

Playing with my kids…

And even shopping with my wife.

All while telling anyone and everyone how her son had saved her life.

She told them all about the terrible sciatic pain.

How she’d tried everything and even became dependent on drugs.

How she was just about to have back surgery.

And how she was NOW pain-free.

As a result, soon there were dozens of people begging to try my nerve pain elixir as my mom called it.

My mom's phone was ringing non-stop with people asking for my contact information.

  • They were desperate to experience relief.
  • They wanted to feel like my mom now felt.
  • They wanted to enjoy the same mobility.

And after watching the pain destroy my mom and her almost magical transformation.

Who was I to deny them the same sort of relief?

I wanted to help every single person I could.

So we took the ingredients and put together as many batches as we could.

And I have to say the response was way better than even I expected.

People were telling my mom over and over again just how grateful they were.

How they felt so much better…

…and how they NOW had a new lease on life.

The Feedback Was Incredible

People who’d been suffering from lower back pain, hip pain, and leg pain were now completely pain-free.

They Were

  • Walking

  • Playing golf

  • Sleeping through the night

  • And enjoying life again

I was so thrilled to hear all of the incredible feedback.

And that’s when it hit me.

There are tens of thousands, maybe even millions of people out there who are suffering with sciatica right now.

They’ve tried everything and have gone down the same dead-end road.

Why not help all of them?

So I called David and told him that I wanted to find a way to help way more people.

And that’s when he told me he couldn’t be part of it…

Not officially anyway.

See, David had a thriving business and non-compete contracts in place with several major hospitals and spine surgeons.

He couldn’t risk being associated with something that was in direct competition with them.

So while David couldn’t officially be part of bringing this solution to the public he was still willing to help me get it started.

That’s when he introduced me to a supplement manufacturer who he said could take care of sourcing all of the ingredients I needed, formulating and manufacturing the blend.

This particular company had the experience and the global resources to source and produce everything we needed.

So while we ramped up production, I made sure that we never took our eye off the quality, purity, and bioavailability of our ingredients.

I told them that I wanted every batch produced like it was being made for my mom and that it was crucial to her health and in helping her avoid surgery.

And after giving it a lot of thought, I decided to call this new one
of a kind sciatic nerve pain formula


And now I’m so happy to be the first to present it to you.

SciatiEase® is the only all natural formula that was designed to specifically address the primary source of sciatica nerve pain…

The Nerve Pain Triad.

By naturally reducing inflammation, reducing muscle tension and eliminating the formation of nerve crushing fibrosis.

  • You’ll experience welcomed relief from the shooting, stabbing and burning sensations you’ve been experiencing.
  • Strength and flexibility will return to the muscles of your hips, thighs and calves.
  • Muscle soreness and tenderness will melt away as the dark cloud of sciatic pain is lifted.
  • You’ll also sleep better, sit more comfortably and feel more energetic than you have in months or perhaps even years.

These are just a few of the reasons the use of SciatiEase® has taken off.

So many people are finally experiencing real relief after being in pain for so long.

People like…


John Z.,
who says…

“I found myself unable to resolve my lifetime struggle with chronic pain – including back pain, shoulder pain, and so much more. I spent thousands on chiropractors and massages that only provided temporary relief. Only SciatiEase was able to give me my life back.”


Harold R.,
who writes…

“My sciatica pain was so bad running from my hip down the right side. I could barely get out of bed, and I had a real sharp burning in my foot. It’s been a month and I am doing so much better. The burning is gone.Thank You!”


And Gail Y.,
who had this to say…

“I am a 50 year old woman with a semi-active lifestyle. I had an awful pain in my buttock and the back of my left leg from sciatica. Nothing worked, and I could not walk, sleep, work or anything. I was basically a cripple, until I tried SciatiEase.”


Finally Alice P.,

“I’ve been dealing with sciatica for over 6 months now. I have tried taking anti-inflammatory and pain relievers, doing sciatica stretches and chiropractic adjustment, but none of these really helped. The only thing that gives me actual relief from my pain is SciatiEase®.”

And because the formula is “jam packed” with inflammation busting, scar tissue destroying, pain relieving natural ingredients all backed by clinical studies...

… It’s a complete sciatic nerve pain eliminating system.

Plus, Taking SciatiEase®
Couldn’t Be Simpler...

  • Just take two,
    easy-to-swallow capsules in either the morning or at night.

  • Wash it down with a fresh glass of water…

  • … And within seconds you’re on your way to a pain-free, active life.

Each bottle of SciatiEase® contains 60 pills, which means it should give you a full month of sciatic nerve pain relief.

Plus, as you’re about to see…

When you compare its ease of use and its affordability to other treatments like massage, acupuncture, physical therapy and surgery…

… SciatiEase® is so much better and it often works in just days.

Not to mention, the significant discount I’ll be sharing exclusively with viewers of this presentation.

With that being said…

Let Me Tell You Exactly How You Can
Get Your Hands On Your Very Own Supply Of SciatiEase® Today

For starters, it’s important to note that unlike so many of the other so called
“nerve-supplements” out there…

SciatiEase® is produced under the most controlled circumstances and from the highest quality ingredients possible.

Once the formulation is complete and has passed all potency and safety tests it’s then packed into an all-natural, 100% vegan capsule…

And all of this takes place within our GMP-certified facility, meaning that our facility is routinely inspected and screened to ensure the safest, strictest and highest standards are always followed.

It also means that every bottle of SciatiEase® contains only what you find listed on the label — nothing more, nothing less.

And because the ingredients in SciatiEase® are from the highest-quality ingredients from around the world and processed in small batches to preserve potency…

Quite often we are forced to suspend production as we wait for new shipments to come in, which means that temporary “out of stocks” do happen from time to time…

Obviously, I wish this wasn’t the case but unfortunately with today’s supply chain issues especially on things being imported from other countries this is happening more frequently than we’d like it to.

Especially since we flat-out refuse to compromise on the quality of our formula, it’s a price we’re willing to pay to ensure we have the most effective formula on the market.

However, Since I Know Just How Many People Have Come To Depend On SciatiEase® For Daily Relief…

I started looking into our supply issues and noticed something very interesting.

It seems that the more popular SciatiEase® has become we’re seeing that when people order they’re ordering several bottles at a time.

That way they aren’t forced to go a single day without it.

Which I understand completely.

It’s also well known that the ingredients in SciatiEase® work better and better the longer you use it.

Now, if you’re anything like the thousands of users of SciatiEase® who have made it a key part of their pain-relief routine…

You’re going to experience significant relief within the first few days of using the formula.

However, the longer you use it, the more relief you’ll feel.

That’s because all of the clinically-proven nutrients build up within your system, where they can be used to soothe inflammation, repair and regenerate nerve tissue and protect nerves from future damage.

Most likely you’ll notice that your pain is easing within the first few days of using the formula.

You’ll feel less restricted in your movements and more confident in your daily tasks.

Within a few weeks, it’s not uncommon for your pain to completely vanish.

And within a few short months, you’ll be back to living life on your terms.

Which Is Why It’s So Smart To Order Multiple Bottles of SciatiEase® So That You Always Have Some On Hand

I’ve personally noticed that if my mom stops taking it like she did a few months back when she forgot them when she went to visit some friends.

She begins to feel some small twinges up and down her sciatic nerve and some tenderness in her back.

Trust me, she doesn’t make that mistake anymore.

And that’s why my team and I got together to see what we could do to help people get all of the SciatiEase® they need and so they don’t run the risk of running out.

Here’s what we came up with.

I call it the “The Rainy Day - Stock Up And Save Program”, it’s for people who want the most dramatic results with SciatiEase®.

I’ll tell you more about it and how it works in just a moment.

Before I do that though, I want to address the elephant in the room.

Which is the cost of SciatiEase®.

That way you’ll know exactly what your investment is and why it’s such an incredible deal.

For Starters, Let’s Take A Look At The Cost Of Back Surgery.

Nowadays, even with insurance you’re looking at somewhere around $26,000 for your typical surgery.

That can be higher or lower depending on the procedure, the doctor and where you have it done.

Then there’s physical therapy and chiropractic.

Both can run between 1 and 2 thousands per month.

And for massage you’re probably going to pay 100-200 per session and with sciatica pain you’d need a lot of sessions to experience any sort of temporary relief.

So with that being said, I don’t think charging $200 for a 30 day supply of SciatiEase® is at all unreasonable.

  • Especially when you take into consideration that SciatiEase® addresses the REAL cause of sciatic nerve pain.
  • How it restores mobility, revitalizes and regenerates frazzled and irritated nerves and gives you back your freedom and independence.
  • And the fact that it’s formulated from “pharmaceutical-grade” ingredients backed by numerous peer-reviewed clinical studies.

So for just a few bucks a day — the same price you might spend on a Starbucks coffee — $200 really is a small price to pay.

Not to mention your health and well-being are priceless.

Luckily, I am not here to make you sweat when it comes to investing in your comfort.

Which means you’re not going to pay anywhere near $200 for a single bottle of SciatiEase®

Even though I could easily justify it by showing you all the time and money you’d save.

But I am not in this for the money.

My mom got her life back because of SciatiEase® and I want you to get your life back too.

I love the idea of helping people break free from the chains of sciatic nerve pain and regain their freedom and their love of life.

And frankly, I am sick and tired of Big Pharma and their agenda to make a life-long drug user out of you.

Or the greedy spine surgeons who are quick to push you into surgery and then shrug their shoulders when it doesn’t work.

I’m tired of it.

And I know you are too.

So because profiting off of the misery of others is not in my DNA.

I’ve worked tirelessly to cut down our cost down to bare bones and to eliminate all unnecessary expenses by getting rid of all the middle men.

What That Means For You Is That You Can Try SciatiEase® For Over 70% Off.

Or Just $69
For A Single Month's Supply.

It’s a fantastic deal…

Especially when you consider the fact that at this price it’s around 2 bucks per dose.

But I didn’t stop there.

Remember how earlier I told you that people were buying multiple bottles at a time and how they were stocking up just so they wouldn’t run out?

Well, after seeing this happen over and over again…

I decided that we needed to make it even more affordable
for people to build their stockpile of SciatiEase®.

So I created what I call the
“The Rainy Day - Stock Up And Save Program”.

And here’s how it works.

When you order a 3-month supply of SciatiEase®,
you only pay $59 per bottle…

Saving you an additional $10 per bottle or a total of $30.

And when you order a 6-month supply, you get an even BIGGER discount, and the price drops all the way down to just $49 per bottle.

A full $20 off the single bottle price and $60 on your order.

You won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

Especially when you consider the fact that you can try SciatiEase® completely risk free on this page.

But this “The Rainy Day - Stock Up And Save Program” is only available right here right now.

You won’t find SciatiEase® in any store.

So if you want to secure the lowest price on SciatiEase®

Simply Click The Button Below
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When you do, you’ll be taken to our secure order page
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This is the same level of security used by companies like
Amazon, eBay and Walmart, so your information is always 100% protected.

Next enter your shipping

Then, based on where you’re ordering from you should receive your first shipment of SciatiEase® delivered to your doorstep within just 5-7 days.

Oh and just so you know, shipping is 100% free.

Now, when your package arrives here’s what I want you to do.

Remove the seal off of the first bottle.

And shake 2 capsules into your hand.

I want you to notice the deep aroma coming from the bottle, almost a musty yet pleasant aroma.

What you’re smelling is the herbs, nutrients and botanicals blending together and marinating to create the most potent nerve pain formula on the market.

Grab yourself a fresh glass of water and swallow the two pills.

Put the lid back on to make sure your product stays fresh.

And then watch over the next week to ten days as your pain starts to melt away.

Watch as your tender spots become not so tender.

Watch your mobility improve and your energy return.

Begin to pay attention to how you feel when you wake up in the morning and at the end of the day.

Because if you’re not 100% over the moon happy with how SciatiEase® makes you feel…

Then I want you to send us an email so we can return every single dime of your investment — no questions asked.

I mean it.

If SciatiEase® doesn’t work exactly like I say it does…

You get to keep your money…all of it.

This is a 180 day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee
That Removes Every Ounce Of Risk For You And
Places It Squarely On Us.

I don’t want anything to stand in the way of you trying SciatiEase® today.

I know what you’ve been through.

I’ve seen my mom handed off from doctor to doctor each promising to help, billing her for their time and then shrugging their shoulders when it doesn’t work.

Being in the industry myself, I get it. And it’s one of the reasons I am doing this.

It’s hard to know who to trust, who to put your faith in and who to listen to.

Especially when you’ve been burned.

That’s why I would never ask you to spend your hard-earned money on something unless you were fully protected.

Which is why I was hell bent and determined to offer the absolute BEST guarantee in the industry.

Can you imagine a surgeon offering a money back guarantee?

Or a drug company?

No way.

Look, if you feel anything like my mom did, you need help and you need it now.

And I still remember the day when I sat there in the lab with that first bottle we’d whipped up for my mom.

I had such hope, so much faith and in the end it was everything we hoped it would be and more.

I know this will work for you, just like it has for thousands of people.

And if it seems as if I am being a little pushy, I really don’t mean to be.

I’m just trying to give you a friendly nudge so that you too can experience rapid and lasting pain relief too.

I’m Also Trying To Make It As Easy As Possible For You To Try

Look, if it wasn’t for SciatiEase® I'm not even sure my mom would still be here today.

And that scares the you know what out of me.

But it also makes me extremely grateful that I was able to find a real solution for her…

While helping so many others too.

So today, I want to help you.

And if that means that I have to shoulder every bit of the risk…

Then so be it.

I’m willing to do that.

To be honest, it doesn’t worry me one bit.

Because, I’m incredibly confident you’ll love SciatiEase®

Our miniscule refund rate proves it.

Yet, if you’re not happy for any reason and I mean ANY reason.

Just send an email to our support email and our U.S. based customer support team will take amazing care of you.

You can find this email listed on our website, on your order confirmation page, inside of your confirmation email or inside every package of ScatiEase that you order.

We’ve made it incredibly easy.

So easy in fact that there are NO QUESTIONS ASKED and ZERO HASSLE.

As long as you’re within 180 days of your order, our support team will happily issue you a prompt and friendly refund of your entire investment.

Now that you know that my team and I stand firmly behind every single order of
SciatiEase® and that you’re

100% Protected By
Our 180-Day Guarantee

Investing in SciatiEase® should be and is one of the smartest and easiest decisions you’ll ever make.

You’ve already seen all of the science behind SciatiEase® and you now know why it works so well…

I’ve shared stories from people just like you who are using SciatiEase® to eliminate their sciatic nerve pain and loving life.

Now, it’s your turn.

And it’s 100% guaranteed.

So click the button below now to
order your 6 month supply, or whatever amount makes the most sense to you.

Oh and one last thing before you go.

I am 100% committed to your success.

And I want you to feel what it feels like to be pain free again.

That’s why when you place your order right now.

I’m also going to include digital access to our "Back Revival Stretch Routine".

As you now know, when there is scar tissue present around the sciatic nerve stretching can actually be painful.

But when used in combination with SciatiEase® it can be extremely effective.

That’s because, as you lower inflammation and begin to eliminate built up scar tissue, muscles can actually relax.

However, there are certain muscles that you should be targeting and specific ways to stretch them.

And it will be a LOT easier once you start taking SciatiEase®.

Our "Back Revival Stretch Routine" takes you through a specific stretching routine specifically designed to help release tension on the sciatic nerve.

Obviously, this routine is completely optional because SciatiEase® is super effective all by itself.

But for those looking for a little added mobility, who want to accelerate the rate they regain their flexibility and do it in a fun and easy way…

The "Back Revival Stretch Routine"
Can Be A Big Help

It was created by Shannon Miller, who specializes in physical therapy.

And it’s a simple 15-minute routine that can help relieve tension on your sciatic nerve.

This routine contains the ONLY stretches that I personally recommend for MAXIMUM sciatica relief.

It takes just 30-seconds per day and can be done anywhere.

Every stretch is simple and easy to perform no matter what your age or body type.

Here’s What Just A Few People
Have Said About Them…


Robert K,

“My greatest fear was not being able to overcome the condition and ending up a chronic pain sufferer. If you’ve had sciatica, you know what I’m referring to. But after combining my SciatiEase and Shannon's 15 minute routine, I've finally freed myself from some of the worst pain I've experienced.”


And Charles S,

“Following Shannon's stretch routine and taking SciatiEase daily has turned a painful 9.5 hours at work into a pain free experience day after day. I sit at a desk on a daily basis for work. Since using the routine, I can sit comfortably and pain free at my desk. I only get up for well being breaks and not because I'm in pain. It's changed my life.”


And Sandra A,
had this to say about the
"Back Revival Stretch Routine".

“I didn't think there was a solution to my nightly back and Sciatica pain, other than just getting used to it. SciatiEase combined with Shannon's stretch routing is a simple & instant solution to massively minimise the constant pinging pain.”

The entire “routine” is recorded and available in a digital format so that you can follow along with Shannon as she takes you through every single stretch.

After you order, within a few minutes you’ll receive instructions on how to access the program and you could be using it just minutes later.

Although for best results I suggest you start taking the SciatiEase first.

That will really applify the benefits of the program.

Normally, “Back Revival Stretch Routine” would sell for $47.

But because I’m sure it can add to the benefits of SciatiEase I’ve decided to simply add it to your order.

It’s just my way of making sure you have everything you need to get our of pain as quickly and as easily as possible.

Now It’s Your Turn.

Today you’ve discovered why MOST so-called “solutions” fail.

And why those treatments are peddled and who’s behind it.

You also know what the true cause of sciatica is and how its best handled.

You know all the science behind why your sciatic nerve is inflamed and irritated and why the specific natural ingredients I shared with you work.

By eliminating inflammation, blocking key proteins like PI16 and stopping fibroblasts from laying down unnecessary scar tissue all while promoting nerve regeneration, rejuvenation and repair…

Makes SciatiEase® the best and really only solution to sciatic nerve pain.

Both short term and in the future.

You’ve heard from other users about their experience and you know my mom's story and how she beat the odds and is now living her best life.

I’ve also told you about the “automatic upgrade” you’ll be getting just for placing your order on this page.

And what my accountant calls my “over the top” guarantee”...

A full 180 days to try SciatiEase and experience all of its nerve pain relieving benefits.

Now it’s up to you.

You can do what so many others before you have done and say YES to pain relief…

Or you can keep doing what you’re doing and hopefully you’ll find something that works for you.

Whatever choice you make, I’m rooting for you.

But before you make your decision, I have to ask…

After hearing everything I’ve shared with you today on this page.

What Do You Really Think
Will Happen If You Click Away?

Now, while I don’t know for sure…

I have to be honest when I say that things will probably NOT get better.

In fact, in my experience they tend to get worse.

And we both know that’s not going to be fun.

  • More sleepless nights…
  • More missed time with friends and family…
  • More feelings of hopelessness…
  • And a growing feeling of despair and anxiety.

That is NOT what I want for you.

Which is why I’ve tried to make it as easy and as risk free as possible for you to try SciatiEase today.

I’m confident it will change your life the way it did for my mom and thousands like her.

It’s up to you.

Remember You Risk Nothing To
Try ScatiEase Today

There’s literally nothing to lose.

But there is a world of freedom, flexibility, mobility and joy waiting for you on the other side,

And all you have to do is click the button below to experience it.

So Click The Button Below To
And Order Your First Shipment Of SciatiEase Today.

I’ll see you on the next page.

How is SciataEase different from everything else I've tried?

SciatiEase® targets the real source of sciatic pain, which has to do with tight muscles in your hip that clamp down on your sciatic nerve. It contains ingredients backed by clinical studies that relax these muscles, soothe inflammation and restore nerve function, leaving you feeling pain-free.

Will it work for me?

Every person is different, but SciatiEase® is remarkably effective for nearly everyone who’s tried it. It contains clinically-backed ingredients with tons of evidence showing their efficacy for relieving sciatic pain fast. But if for any reason you’re not satisfied with SciatiEase, remember that you can always return it and receive 100% of your investment back.

How do I take it?

Taking SciatiEase couldn’t be simpler. Just take 2 capsules in either the morning or the night. Each capsule is small, easy-to-swallow and gets to work immediately to provide you long-lasting relief.

Are there any side effects?

All of the ingredients inside of SciatiEase® are safe, natural and haven’t been shown to have any significant side effects. However, since every person is different, make sure to always talk to your Doctor about whether SciatiEase® is right for you.

How does the guarantee work again?

Once you place your order of SciatiEase® you have a full 180 days to try it for yourself. If for any reason during that time you’re not 100% satisfied, simply send an email to [email protected] and you’ll receive every dime of your investment back — no hassle, and no questions asked.

You’ll find this email listed on our website, in your confirmation email and in every delivery of SciatiEase® you receive.

What if I have other questions?

If you have any questions during your experience, feel free to contact our U.S. based support team at our support email [email protected] or via phone (844) 361-1273. You can always find both our email and phone number listed on our website.

How do I get started?

All you have to do is click the button below to place your order. Remember that since you’re on this page, you get our “Invest More, Save more” discount, which means that the more you buy the more you save. Once you place your order, you should have it on your doorstep within 5-7 days depending on where you live.

Thanks again for reading this letter!

I truly hope to see you on the other side,

Jamie Johnson